The Truth
"It is discourteous to plans made without its consent and utterly disrespectful to feelings invested in fantasy."
It’s always there, always steering, always directing, inconspicuous but
clearly perceptible just below the surface.  It is the visceral
sensation that involuntarily causes the eye to squint, the lips to
purse, and the head to tilt slightly right as if to ask, “Is it true?” 
The answer is yes.  It’s always yes.  Yes, even if it disappoints. Yes,
in spite of the impact to your plan.  Yes, regardless of consequence…and
after consulting friends and praying for evidence to confirm the sign
you’ve already received, the answer is still yes.
The truth always rests within.  It is discourteous to plans made without its
consent and utterly disrespectful to feelings invested in fantasy.  The
truth is interested only in producing what’s best for me.  Constantly
working, nudging, and drawing me into its tempo.  It quickens the
heartbeat and alerts the spirit when something is off, imploring
attention be paid to this change of rhythm.  It runs like an energetic
current commanding the very hairs on my neck to stand erect, plotting my
personalized course of action. 
It speaks with confidence and candor in the waking of day when the
mind is least equipped to combat it.  It tells when to stay and when to
leave, when to push forward and when to fall back.  It separates
calculated schemes from honest intentions and divides meaningful
opportunity from useless distraction.  It is the currency of destiny to
be expended unapologetically, often without the benefit of proof or
The truth is scripture transcribed on the soul. 
It is the magnetic pull that lures geese south for winter and tells the
mighty oak when to shed its leaves.  Unencumbered by reasoning, nature
leans solely on this primal instinct to necessitate survival.  The truth
isn’t complicated.  It always comes to light.   Prolonging
acknowledgement only weakens intuition.  I seek it out before every
decision.  I kneel at its alter and give it permission to take full
authority over my life.
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