Let’s converse.
Let's strip facades, fake smiles, and small talk.
Let's unbutton false pretense and expose ourselves.
Let’s relax into vulnerability and allow our birthmarks to tell our history.
Let’s drown out the noise and satisfy this profound desire to communicate, relate, and just be.
Let’s listen, not to respond, but to understand and be understood.
Let's trade real talk for genuine dialogue.
Let’s fortify superficial bonds with concrete connection,
and replace status updates with their prehistoric ancestor. 
Let’s reveal our scars because we’ve all fallen and been hurt and although we’ve been taught to hide our blemishes, today we engage in soul discourse as we disrobe and intertwine our experiences
And don't be ashamed of those stretch marks...just means you’ve grown. 
Who cares if hers is smaller or his is bigger...?  Your body of knowledge is your own.
Let’s shed gossip, untie facades,and risk knowing each other - Naked and unashamed.
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