Don’t let him forget hand-me-down blue jeans,
torn and stretched by the time they reached brother number three.
Let him not forget the kindness of strangers
when single mom couldn’t make the rent payment.
Let him not look down on those ashy, nappy headed boys
with Kool-Aid stained teeth and pockets full of Now and Later's.
Let him not be ashamed of the place he came
and the journey that lead him here.
Let not her three degrees separate her from empathy.
Don’t let her net worth determine self-worth.
Do not permit her to roll her eyes and turn up her nose
when the sweet little boy from the wrong side of town tries to court her daughter.
Let her remember what it felt like to be told that
her pedigree had already determined her destiny.
Let them remember skinny legs and tiny ponytails,
homemade basketball courts, and boundless imaginations that dreamt big;
Until society reminded them that ambition is reserved for the haves
not the have not’s.
Let us not shun, but mentor
Not make fun, but defend for
inarticulate young girls who mispronounce words
and misplace their value from head to hips.
Allow me to show them another way
So they can trace my actions to lips.
Let us not separate from the become Bourgeoisie,
Talented Tenth, classist wannabe
We can do better.
Let our titles and cars,
our homes and affiliations,
serve as inspiration for community.
Not isolation or immunity
from the struggle and discrepancies
still prevalent here.
Let us humble ourselves
and store false pride on shelves
before you do it for us.
Keep us near your heart.
Do not let us start
to abandon our posts for
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