It’s simple really…I have to write.  These words leave me no choice. 
They keep me up at night with their toiling and kicking, demanding release.  There’s
no suppressing their expression so I’ve learned to prepare for their
tantrums with journal by bed, allowing them to regurgitate
their colorful expressions upon page. 
Believe me when I tell you, I’ve tried with every fiber of my being to clench them in but they refuse to be contained.  These words could care less about judgmental faces and social graces.  They belch out untimely truths, scoffing at my futile attempts to rein them in; they take on a life of their own.
And their appetite?  Cannibalistic…appeased only with kindred blood.   Consuming philosophy, biography, poetry, and novels, addicted to insight.   They
keep me up at night with unquenchable cravings for rhythmic truths
sung over melody, preferably served on vinyl. Their unyielding demands
leave no room for negotiation and I am merely the host in this
parasitic relationship.
 They multiply with knowledge and round out my womb, making it impossible for me to fit in.  They
tug at my seams and stretch out my garments demanding that I discard
these trendy “one-size-fits all” delusions in favor of my own unique
pattern.  They torture me into submission, pushing and contracting their way to freedom. 
 And the truth is I’ve come to love them.  They demand that I step out on faith to pursue them just as their Father commands.  Happily, I surrender my vain pretense to their will.  They are mine and I, theirs.  I am honored to give them voice.  I will not rest until I’ve delivered their truth into the world. 
On this you have my Word.
-Dedicated to Courtney & Cayden
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