"My faith laughs in the face of projected outcomes and rational reasoning. In fact, its very existence is contingent on defying them."
We are the faithful. 
Our belief is born of necessity and earned by experience. 
The path to freedom, blazed by the substance of things hoped for.
This faith is not philosophical or theoretical;
It is the sustenance that has nurtured our very existence.
Cramped cargo, stripped naked, shackled together,
marinated in the foul diseased stench of feces, sweat, blood, and death,
stacked in spoon fashion for days on end,
it's faith that filtered the putrid air of the Middle Passage
and faith that has sustained us through oppression. 
It was faith that fostered our spirits through generations of mental and physical abuse. 
We’ve not only survived, but thrived, kept alive on faith. 
Your reflection is the very evidence of God’s grace.
Our testimonies are laced with miraculous just in the nick of time narratives
of supernatural feats, inexplicable by conventional logic. 
This faith has delivered us from crisis, carried us through struggle,
and planted us stronger on the other side. 
We have nurtured it with scripture, and covered it with prayer. 
We’ve fasted it for hard times and stored it away for trials...
but, what if this faith was never meant to be reserved for special occasions
and pulled out like fine china? 
What if we used this power daily, on purpose, to live out our dreams? 
And what if...all things really means, ALL THINGS.
This faith isn’t logical, it’s literal. 
It has been seasoned, sautéed,and eaten on an empty stomach,
burned for warmth and deposited into barren accounts. 
My faith pays tuition and meets deadlines. 
It has created opportunities and pioneered paths from one unbelievable prospect to the next,
unfolding favor and opening doors of opportunity. 
This faith right here, defies isms.
Is unlimited by judgments or opinions.
My faith laughs in the face of projected outcomes and rational reasoning. 
In fact, its very existence is contingent on defying them.
This faith was never meant to be stored away in glass cabinets and
broken out in case of emergency.  It wasn’t designed merely to
extinguish our disasters but to fuel our fire as we blaze our own
trails, boldly challenging convention and bending boundaries toward the
realization of purpose.  It is the appendage attached to the end of my
ability and the means by which purpose becomes my reality.
My faith is comprised of obedience, prayer, planning, unwavering belief,
and just enough crazy to believe that the Red Sea will part once I get
there. I step out on it and trust that it will create platforms and
provide for me abundantly doing what I love.  Realizing that He who
provided the vision has already prepared the destination.  I trust in
faith for the manifestation and live out my life with the full
expectation that these promises are rooted in truth. 
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